Rockstar NOW is the only music school dedicated to expanding the artistic visions of its students while providing the tools and guidance to be a Rockstar in 2018 and beyond. In your lessons, you will learn how to not only speak a new language, but create your own melodic landscapes along the way all while utilizing the top technology of today and tomorrow. Yearning musicians will learn the MODERN and CLASSICAL techniques of their instruments as well as working with all standard and trending platforms of AUDIO, VIDEO, SOCIAL PROMOTION and CREATION. Training to be a musician doesnā€™t happen over night, but it wont feel like work if all you have to do is PLAY!!




Dean is a professional touring musician (bands such as Nita Strauss/Michale Graves-former Misfits) with over 21 years experience in his craft of the electric guitar/bass. Dean was a former instructor at the Waldwick School of Rock for over 5 years. Throughout the time spent in the former cutting edge school, Dean sculpted several curriculums to sculpt the minds of the youth and adults and open their artistic freedoms. Dean has been a music instructor for the last 8 years, along side time spent as a Professional international touring/studio Lead Guitarist and Bassist, and still pushes for the latest innovations of the industry and adding them to his mold.


Jesse Minikes is a music educator based in Northern New Jersey. He received his Bachelors of Music in Jazz Performance and Music Education from the prestigious University of the Arts in Philadelphia, where he was selected to play guitar in the elite Rick Kerber Tribute Ensemble Big Band for two consecutive years. Since graduating, Jesse has performed and taught extensively in the Northern New Jersey area, working as an instructor in every capacity from piano teacher at a Montessori Pre-school to an Adjunct Professor of Music at Bergen Community College. He has participated in a benefit concert for the UN Women's Federation for World Peace as well as a benefit concert for the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Jesse is a founding member and academic director of the Rockstar Now school of music, in which he designs curriculums and tailors each lesson to individual students' goals and needs.

Jesse plays and teaches a multitude of instruments, including guitar, piano, banjo, trumpet, bass, ukulele, drums, and voice. Throughout his teaching career, Jesse has endeavored to give each student the highest quality instruction and to foster lasting meaningful relationships with his pupils.


ZAKI ALI is currently an active member of the music scene throughout New Jersey, Connecticut, and New York area. With his touring background, and knowledge in audio engineering, Zaki offers a great deal of real life experience and teaches not only how to play the instrument, but how to exceed the expectations of the people you should work with on a daily basis. With a highly proficient attitude and a top notch multi-instrumentalist skill set, Zaki's approach to music will help you understand and create not just notes, but how to allow your music to interact with musicians and other people from multiple perspectives.