“My son has been Dean's student for over 5 years now. His level of care and dedication is only surpassed by his rocking talent. Dean is a gifted musician, special human being, and his time with Ethan means the world to us.”-Dr. Evan Johnson, Asst. Professor Columbia University Medical Center

A little bit about us..

        Our school is a union of active musicians who are constantly working with the up to date techniques and services of the modern music industry. Top of the line professionals, who gig and tour regularly, line the hallways to guide the next generation through their sonic journeys. The industry changes everyday and we ourselves make sure to learn every day. Knowledge is power and the quest for it is our strongest suit. “The best teacher is only so because they make sure to keep themselves constant students"-Dean(President/CEO)                                                                                                      
         Rockstar NOW is the music school of tomorrow and beyond. Within the curriculum of Rockstar NOW, students learn from a custom tailored lesson plan based on the students interest as a starting point. From there the musical journey will continue to cover the basics within a specific genre and correlating it throughout the world of harmony and how in fact all music is relative, related, and connected. 
 “Whether is music theory or technique, Dean has taken me from a novice just wanting to jam to a serious music maker. A literal dream come true. He really takes the time to understand his students as individuals and helps them play what feels good for them. Changed my life.” John Lynch, 5 year student